Greetings! I am Betty Shonts. I live in Hendersonville, TN, which is 25 minutes northeast of downtown Nashville. I was born and raised in New Jersey in a little town not too far from Fort Dix. High taxes and cold weather drove us out; dad decided to us pack up and head south, so we moved to Tennessee in 1991. That was a culture shock! But today I consider myself proud to be a Tennessean.

I live with my wonderful husband of eleven years. We have two children and three dogs. In my spare time, I'm chasing the kids around, reading good books, growing vegetables, feeding fish in the pond, and catching frogs with the kids.

I've been a graphic designer for over 15 years.

I have designed for corporate, retail, non-profit, and service industries on local, regional and national scales. Most of my years have been directly in the publishing industry, designing magazines from cover to cover.


I was the Art Director for S.W.A.T. Magazine for almost 10 years.

That's a long run. This was the second nationally-distributed magazine I designed from cover to cover. The entire staff worked from their own offices in different states, something quite rare for the industry. I designed all the layouts and covers, occasionally designed ads for clients, and designed other materials for the publication: ads, web banners, t-shirt designs, trade show booths, etc.

I was the Art Director for Concealed Carry Magazine for almost 5 years.

Another great run. This was the third magazine I designed from cover to cover. CCM is an 8x/year publication, distributed nationally, and has been in publication since 2003. It is a 64 page, four-color, glossy publication. I designed all the layouts and cover. I also designed marketing materials, web ads, DVD packages and special reports.


And I've been a production designer.

Day Communications in Nashville publishes Nashville, Rutherford, Williamson and Sumner Parent, The Baby Guide, The Private School Directory and The Family Manual. I designed logos and advertisements for clients, as well as flyers, billboards, banners and other promotional materials for the company. It was a fast-paced environment and deadlines would sometimes stretch into the night. After eight years, I left to become full-time freelance so I could start a family.

My first magazine was short-lived.

DayCom Media in Nashville, TN published dig magazine. dig focused on music, fashion, sports, gear and other issues relevant to teens and young adults. It was distributed nationwide six times a year through the Journeys retail stores (owned by Genesco Corp.). As art director of dig, I created all the layouts for the magazine and directed photo shoots. Some clients I designed ads for were Dr. Martens, Artemis Records, Birkenstock and Immortal Records. dig was canceled after two years by Genesco in favor of their own print catalog.

Silk-screening, for a while.

TN Advertising and Printing Specialties was a silk screening business/factory which produced custom artwork on foam can coolers, mugs, frisbees and other three-dimensional, non-paper surfaces. I created artwork or manipulated clients’ art to be used on the product. Both direct transfer and heat transfer processed were used. I've used up to seven colors for a heat transfer. This company is no longer in business. It was a good experience, except for the highly tempermental boss, who one day got so angry he ripped the bathroom sink off the wall! •